Being Nonverbal

All the daily life struggles of being nonverbal on a mostly permanent basis

  1. REG: Spider phone :(

    Hi all:

    i know now itís been awhile since I put together a blog entry, so this change worthy entry about my iPhone and a cracked screen will serve to show that I havenít been committed to a nut ward for life..

    yesterday on 10/20/17 I had discovered I left my wallet at a vendor location the night previous and I was scheduled to have lunch with my mom. So, I rushed out the door to get my wallet, I was subsequently startled by a loud noise and dropped my iPhone and ...

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  2. When Vendor relations go sour

    Hi All:

    I know it's been awhile since I posted a blog entry so here we go. In today's entry we're going to talk about when relations with vendors go sideways especially when there are special need involved. This is a true story from my archive.

    I was enjoying my time at a local panera bread cafe and the were treating me well. To help facilitate this, I had my Customer Advocate (CA) Jennette call before I even left the office to let them know I'm on my way and what ...
  3. Multiplicity Entry 16 -- Nonverbal autism stress .... :-(

    so this is a more serious entry on Multiplicity and will probably need to be revised for spelling, grammar, and the lake. The following content is of a graphic nature and I need to make it 100% clear that it is of such a nature.

    The other day I had a very stressful day, I came so close to dong myself harm in a very violent way. I hate being verbal so much so that I was thinking of talking matters into my own hands. The exact methods thought up will not be discussed, but let's bust ...
  4. Multiplicity Entry 14 - Nonvrbal in the hospital

    Date: 2017.08.08 @ 17:15
    Entry UID: Carly Grace (CF2649)
    Method: FAST PUBLISH: this log is entered AS IS and will NOT have any revisions made to it.

    Greetings all:

    so, I've been in hospital for the last five days and it's sure been one heck of a ride. I had a mental breakdown and that's what got me there in the first place. We worked on adjusting my medications and stabilizing me on said medications. It was rough the since just today I got authorization ...
  5. Multiplicity Entry 13: What Happens When a medical device fails?

    Yesterday, 7/02/17 I had posted the following to the forum and I ask, what happens when a medical device fails so severely even with appropriate shielding and the like? I personally don't intend to recommend these cases at all in the future, LifeProof just lost someone who was a brand champion for one of their products. I will never recommend a LifeProof case for anyone who is looking to protect a mission critical iPhone or iPad again.

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    Today, July 02, 2017 myself
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