• Welcome To KnowledgeCenter

    Welcome to the Dream of Winx KnowledgeCenter!

    What is The KnowledgeCenter? KnowledgeCenter is a new feature that is currently in beta (testing) that allows members and staff to contribute to a database of articles about Winx Club itself (think of something like the Winx Club Wiki on Wikia or Wikipedia) along with articles about the Site Role play and other areas that are not specific to Winx Club itself but might be worth documenting as they relate to our community. The admin team will be working on getting permissions set up to allow for collaborative editing and to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to contribute and make changes in a responsible manner.

    I like the idea of KnowledgeCenter, but isn't it dangerous to allow for collaborative editing? If it's done correctly and permissions are set to strike a balance between collaboration and security, collaborative editing can be a very good and powerful thing (one person might not have all the knowledge about a specific topic and thus needs help to make it better). As with any good and powerful thing, if the setup is too lax, then Collaborative editing can be a very bad thing opening up content to vandalism and the like. The admin team is working hard to strike a balance between freedom of collaboration and security of content. However security is not strictly an admin level job, end-users (you, the members) can help make collaborative editing and contribution a success by respecting other's work and being sure to follow common sense editing guidelines (such as using the comments to propose changes before making them).