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Multiplicity Entry 16 -- Nonverbal autism stress .... :-(

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so this is a more serious entry on Multiplicity and will probably need to be revised for spelling, grammar, and the lake. The following content is of a graphic nature and I need to make it 100% clear that it is of such a nature.

The other day I had a very stressful day, I came so close to dong myself harm in a very violent way. I hate being verbal so much so that I was thinking of talking matters into my own hands. The exact methods thought up will not be discussed, but let's bust say that I would have wound up doing somer very serious damage to my hardware or being burried six feet under as a result. I "Called a 'Code Green'". Code Green is my compnay's internal code for mental health and safety requiring immediate action such as hospitalization. I would have been hospitalized but the one place that had availability "could not handle an iPad" I'd say that's a bit much.... I have a doctor's note and the note that specifically says that I use the device for medically necessary things and why.

Well Fiancee tot the rescue! She convinced me to give up my plans to take matters into my own hands and that she will not only marry me but take matters into her own hands and try to fix my nonverbal situation.

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