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Multiplicity Entry 17: Midical Issues

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Hi Everyone:

So this last week has been interesting to say the least, both myself and my fiancee have had multiple hospital visits including the following:
  • I had a seizure on last Wednesday
  • My Fiancee had really bad knee pain from a "strained knee" according to the ER
  • and today, my fiancee is back in ER because she is having all manner of symptoms including what we think i an asthma attack.

as you can see it's been quite the week and due to the way the hospital works here, we're stuck in waiting room for what is going to be until the early hours of tomorrow morning and the Fiancee has class on Monday and the buses she needs to get home from where I am don't run tomorrow :-(

While I was having my seizure related hospital visit a could hear one of the staff badmouthing me saying "he can talk. He knows all of our codes and what they mean..." well, number one; I'm nonverbal in 99.999% of the situations and the second thing, I'm a woman. I have it when people downplay who and what I am. Being nonverbal and being a woman is part of my core identity and if people cannot respect that, they need to just not be dealing with the general public

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