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I'm Homeless... Fun times

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Greetings All who bother to follow this blog!

I am in a kind of sticky situation. I had to deal with living with my grandmother, my aunt, and my mom; and that didn't go over too well. Because it didn't go over too well, I went into a hospitalization and they kept me for about 2 days in the facility. When they asked me where I was going if I didn't want to go back to the residence, I got in touch with one of my vendors and told them where the story's from and being homeless is better than going back to a very unsafe environment. The first three nights I've been revolving through the streets, the emergency room, a local crisis center, and now I'm in a very safe environment where I'm (for my own safety and the safety of others here) not allowed to give the address or even the kind of agency where I am, but that's at least 7 days where meals are provided, a have consistent roof over my head, and I can shower and charge all my equipment and know I am safe.

I can still run the site and the servers while I am in this kind of state, but I"m doing just fine.

Hope to see you in the comments below!

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