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Forum Rules for Dream of Winx Forums:

 Hi, welcome to Dream of Winx!  We’re glad you’re here.  In an effort to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and positive experience, we’ve created this set of forum rules which must be followed at all times.  Failure to follow the rules may result in written warnings, suspension, or a ban if the rule violation is chronic.

Summary of Changes:

As of Wednesday, July 12, 2017, the following changes have been made to the rules that are final approved as of Monday, October 16, 2017.

More information about the proposed changes can be found by reading the full list of site rules below.

NOTE: Any text or item that is in all italics type face as a modification that is now active.

  1. Respect Everyone: This is absolutely critical.  Just because someone’s opinion is different than yours does not give you the right to call them names or otherwise degrade them in any way.  This includes but is not limited to flaming, bashing, talking down to, personal attacks or other similar behavior.  Further please respect gender preferences, calling someone by the wrong gender pronouns is disrespectful and it just hurts peoples’ feelings.  If you’re unsure of a person’s gender, feel free to look in their user profile in eDirectory (eDirectory can be accessed by signing on and choosing DiscussionCenter > Community > eDirectory (Global User List) ).   It is okay to have differences in opinions, so long as such differences are voiced in a respectful manner.
  2. Cyber Bullying / Discrimination Policy: Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated for any reason as it has been shown to have negative impacts on a person’s self-esteem and other emotional indicators.  Further discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived race, national origin, disability, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or affiliations, or other such protected class is also covered in this rule.  If you are observed violating this rule, you will be temporarily suspended and if violations continue, you will be banned.
  3. No Spam: this includes posting useless things to increase your rank or watch your post count go sky high.  Advertising any product or service without the permission of staff is strictly prohibited.  The exception to the advertising provision is that 1) you can link to your website in your signature so long as it’s done in a tasteful manner or 2) entering your website in the appropriate field in your profile.
  4. Please, Speak English: This is a global site and we welcome members from all around the world.  However, we ask that all content submitted to the site be in English (as spoken in the U.S.).  The reason for this rule is that we don't have staff sufficiently trained in all languages from around the world and as such it would be a burden to translate and then moderate content and apply rules and guidelines for content which is not written in English.  Due to very substantial differences in variations of English from around the world, we're asking that we all stick to U.S. English.  An example of this point is in American English the term "Fag" is a very offensive term where as in British / U.K. English the same word means "Cigarette".  To avoid anyone getting their feelings hurt due to such differences in regional dialect, we're asking that everyone agree on U.S. English.  VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We use the above as an example meant for illustrative purposes only to show how a difference in regional dialect could result in hurt feelings and misunderstanding, we MEAN NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE by the use of this example.
  5. No Thread Bumping: Don’t just reply to your own thread to force it to the top of a specific area as the “last active item”, or to correct a mistake in the original post.  Should you wish to make alterations to a post you made choose the “edit” button.  The exception to this is in the creativity section when you have new creative work to add (such  as a picture or story)
  6. Be Original: if it wasn’t your original idea or content, at least give credit where it is due.  Remember all that stuff they taught us in school about plagiarism? Well it applies here as well.  Further stealing creative assets or posts from others including the site itself is covered under this policy.  If you suspect violations of this rule please PM staff with evidence.  Note that the plagiarism rule applies to contest submissions as well and will be strictly enforced.
  7. Content Policy: cussing, swearing, cursing, or other abusive language is not allowed anywhere.  In addition to the ban on abusive language, please remember to keep all content appropriate for all ages.  Appropriate actions will be taken if need be.
  8. Blogs Policy: The WinxPortal software gives each user their own personal blog if they so choose to use it.  We ask that all blog content (including category names and actual blog posts) follow all forum rules and accepted guidelines.  Violations of such guidelines or rules will be dealt with appropriately using the same guidelines as violations of the same or similar would carry in the forum.
  9. Keep Organized: Please post your topic in the appropriate area.  Topics posted to the wrong area may be moved or locked at our option.  If you’re unsure of where to post your content, please PM a staff member.
  10. Signatures & Avatars Policy: The maximum allowable dimensions for signature pictures are 640x360 pixels.  Animated GIFs are allowed, however, videos are not allowed at this time due to some users experiencing behaviors where the videos automatically start playing.  The maximum allowable dimensions for user avatars are 200x300 pixels.  Should you require assistance with avatar or signature dimensions, please contact staff.
  11. Cite News Sources: Please provide sources when submitting Winx news where possible.  If there is no source attribute, it will be classed as “unofficial”.  If you just wish to verify the accuracy of a story, this is fine and is the only exception to the sourcing policy.
  12. One account, Per Person, Per Lifetime: all users are permitted a maximum of one account.  Users found to open multiple accounts will have all accounts permanently deleted.  Should you have a special requirement for multiple accounts, please PM staff and we will address it on a case-by-case basis.
  13. No Mini-Modding: In short, don’t claim to be a member of site staff or threaten official actions.  If you need to, PM a staff member with your concerns and they will address the issue as soon as they can.  Helping a user with signature or avatar dimensions is acceptable.  Oh, and Mini-Modding makes you look like a not-to-nice person in the process.
  14. Shipping Policy: Shipping is allowed, however there will be no ship warring, negative comments around shipping, or the like.  This only serves to create drama and we don’t need drama.  If someone ships you on the forum they don’t mean it literally; however, if you’re uncomfortable with the shipping incident in question, please contact a member of staff and we will handle it.
  15. Use the Image Gallery to Host your Images: The WinxPortal software has a built in image gallery system where users can create albums of related photos and other users can leave comments about the  images.  We think that this should be used instead of posting your image to a third-party site (like photobucket or imgur) or attaching the photo or other image via the forum's attachment system.  This enables for centralized uploading, sharing, and discussion of images.  To access Image Gallery please click on DiscussionCenter > Community > Image Gallery.
  16. Chat box policies: all rules that apply to forums also take effect in the chat box.  The only additional rule in the chat box is please don’t post any pictures.
  17. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we will: we as the site moderators and administrators have the ability to edit, move, remove, or otherwise alter content.  However just because we have this ability does not guarantee we will use it in a timely manner if at all.
  18. Change is part of life:  We can make amendments, alterations, or deletions to this set of rules at any time with or without notice to you.  Please remember to check back here occasionally for updates.
  19. Keep Personal Information Personal: While we encourage our members to open up to the community and aim for a safe environment for everyone, there are very real dangers in "over-sharing".  Please don't share your real name, address, phone number, or other contact information in publicly visible areas on the site such as forum posts, or blog entries.
  20. Know Your Profile and its Privacy Settings: Your profile is a very powerful tool and as such some degree of caution should go into filling out the information on it.  While we give you the ability to enter in your AIM, Yahoo, Skype, ICQ, and other instant messenger program handles, we highly advise weighing the risks and benefits of doing so.  Get familiar with the settings in your UserCP in the "Profile Privacy" tab and set them as restrictive as you feel is most appropriate.  Use the Friends, Contacts, and Ignore List Features in your profile in conjunction with your profile privacy settings to help control who can see what information.
  21. Off-Site Contact Policy: We HIGHLY DISCOURAGE off-site meetings between members whether through IM applications like AIM or Yahoo, in person, or over the phone.  If an off-site contact goes sideways, our policies and rules cannot protect you.  Before you agree to connect with someone off-site, please build trust in that user first.  Remember that if a contact request or similar makes you feel uncomfortable you can always add the user to your ignore list.  If the contact or other interaction is truly disturbing, please tell a member of staff immediately so appropriate action can be taken.

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