Today, July 02, 2017 myself and my fiance went swimming with my iPad mini in it's protective LifeProof case. Having the device pool side was meant to allow me to communicate while we were in the water. When we get out of the pool and then several hours later I begin to use my iPad to communicate, things aren't as they should be; my voice isn't coming out when I hit the speak button, Siri on the device is not responding and the screen is glitching out ultimately becoming unresponsive. The biggest shock of them all was the power button refusing to do anything including lock the screen or power down the device. The case I had on the device was specifically marketed as a "life proof" case that was good to be totally submerged on at least 6 feet of water up to 30 minutes, dropped from at least 6 feet high, be in sand, be shock proof, be snow proof, and other demanding everyday life situations. The cases are advertised as being up to "military standards".

Let me tell you a little bit about the iPad I had installed in this case; this iPad mini 2 was used as a "backup" for me to communicate with since I am nonverbal and rely on both my full-sized iPad 3 as my main communication setup and the mini as my backup should the full-sized iPad become unavailable or otherwise unusable. We specifically use the mini in the pool, in the shower, or anywhere my normal communication devices would not normally survive due to adverse conditions such as water, likelihood of of being dropped, etc.

I honestly think LifeProof owes me a new communication device that is at least equal in specifications to me now damaged device or better.

What do you think?