We we have some major changes coming soon to WinxPortal we’d like to tell you about. Please take a moment to read the following announce as it’s very important!

  1. Inactive Accounts: we’ll be running a query on all accounts who either have zero (0) posts or who have not been active since 01/31/2018. Those accounts which match the query will be sent a reminder via MessageDesk to actively use their accounts. Those accounts which remain inactive for thirty (30) days after the reminder goes out will be removed from the system to save database space. While we don’t believe in arbitrary inactivity policies, we’ve noticed a large number of accounts going unused and unused accounts take up valuable database and other system resources.
  2. “Break Me” Site: we’ll be launching a version on the site that’s accessible to site admins, mods, and certain select members for testing purposes. This site is called a “break me” site because as we test new features things might break and we don’t want to break the production site so we test on this “break me” site (also called “lab” site, “testing” site, or “development” site.

We hope that these announcements find you well and we look forward to the exciting changes they bring!